Mr Stephen McFarland

10/10/2016 0 1894

Thank you for this opportunity to provide feedback regarding NIS.

Though I've only been teaching a short while, I have many years experience in training in the APAC region.

I'm generally favorably impressed with the operation. All the Vietnamese teachers are professional & as required by the special status of the teaching profession, I believe they are all passionate.

I have noticed several of them have less than perfect pronunciation. That of course is where and why foreign teachers are brought in. (Having said that, again I am impressed with the excellent English speaking skills of most of the teachers.)

I have several observations for opportunities to improve your operation. The first area is scheduling. I appreciate that with X number of classes and X number of teachers things are going to change. However at NVT - I have had a room change every day.  My suggestion to solve this would be to post the schedule in the morning near the time clock so teachers could note rooms upon arrival.

Also while I am learning the class codes, these should be included as a legend on the excel schedule sheet.

The demo content and use of the magic board should be taught to new teachers.

Finally, while I realize the financial considerations probably out weigh this comment, I believe there is an age bracket which should not be considered as students. The tiny tykes are fine, though I question how much they are really learning, but the next bracket up is too boisterous to bother with. Maybe I'm just too old, but I don't see much learning, what I see is babysitting.

Best regards
Stephen McFarland

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